There are many private funding options available to cover addiction treatment. In many cases, there are also a range of payment options for people who do not have access to private insurance or medical aid.

The cost of treatment and addiction treatment facilities depends on the accommodation and the length of the specific program needed. At Recovery SA, we assist in finding the appropriate facility to suit your financial budget and treatment options.

Our team of experts are able to conduct a telephonic assessment of your treatment needs to ensure that you receive the most suitable treatment for your specific needs. We will recommend the most appropriate treatment centre that aligns with what you can afford.
It takes only one call for us to help you find the treatment centre that will suit your requirements best. We use our expert knowledge and experience to recommend your specific placement and make your situation our top priority.

Our website aims to provide support, valuable information, and guidance to people in search of treatment as well as their friends, families, therapists and healthcare professionals. It should not serve as a replacement for seeking advice from your healthcare practitioner first.

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