Addiction is a fatal disease when left untreated. Many people lose sight of this fact due to their denial. How can we breakthrough this denial and support our loved ones in their recovery?

  • Recognise their denial

They may refuse to believe there’s anything wrong with their drug or alcohol use. Some may justify their behaviour by saying that they are in control and that they can stop at anytime, if they wanted to!

They may be in denial about the severity of their addiction, or they may fear addiction treatment will take away their freedom. They may fear dealing with life’s challenges or the stigmatization of their disease. A Closer Look At Denial

It may take some gentle convincing to show the individual their alcoholism or drug addiction is really out of control. More often it may require a direct intervention with the help of trained professional to help the addict or alcoholic see the reality of their situation.

  • Consider their perspective

Accepting that recovery from addiction is possible can be near impossible for some. Substance Use Disorder(addiction/alcoholism) is a chronic, progressive and fatal disease that requires long-term care and recovery support.

To add to the complexity, research reports have demonstrated that 40% to 60% of addicts and alcoholics may have a co-occurring(dual-diagnosis) mental health disorder.Read More

An effective treatment plan includes many steps including detoxification/withdrawal, professional counseling, medication and aftercare… involving your loved one can make things easier for everybody. Addiction Treatment Modalities

  • Need help?

The sooner the situation is addressed, the sooner recovery can commence. If you suspect a loved one who is addicted to alcohol, or if you are ready to take that step to a brand new life, call us on +2773 470 4649 or mail.

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