My trauma was growing up in household filled with dependency issues. I knew nothing else. I didn’t know “normal”.
I don’t have a relationship with my siblings because they spent most of my life high on something barely noticing I was around. I’ve grown up with the physical & emotional scars from my alcoholic abusive father’s drastic personality change every time he had a drink.
When every milestone in your life is overshadowed by an addict in your life you start to learn to define dependency very early on.
The day I helped my mother pack up everything into her car for her to finally leave only for my father to make me help him pack everything back into her cupboards as she slept was the day I learnt to define dependency.
The day I had to get onto a flight to another country just to start a life where I could get out from under the weight that was my brother’s drug use was the day, I learnt to define dependency.
The day I sat in the kitchen in tears offering support one last time whilst my brother convinced me that this was going to be the start of me finally having a relationship with my sibling was the day I learnt to define dependency.
Can you define trauma? I can define mine. My trauma has become every part of who I am today and who I continue to be.

    About The Author

    Robyn Edwards is a mother of one, a content writer & been working in marketing for 15 years. She is passionate about holistic wellness, financial inclusion, gender equality & travel. Part of her passion for holistic wellness is through exploring key themes like mental health, barriers to learning & intergenerational trauma.